Black Tea is the most widely consumed tea in the world. Black Tea is processed in four basic steps-withering, rolling, fermenting and firing (drying). These steps will vary from different countries and areas e.g. Oolong is classified as semi fermented and black tea 100% fermented. It is only in the processing methods used in different regions that produce the six main types of tea, white, green, oolong, black, scented, and compressed. All tea is produced from the same tea bush (camellia sinesis). Black tea should be brewed with boiling water and steeped for 3-5mins.
Arctic Fire Cool mint taste with blue cornflowers 100g $9.50
Assam Golden flowery orange pekoe, aromatic and full bodied 100g $9.50
Australian Bushfire Breakfast- OUT OF STOCK Daintree bushfire blend with a full strong flavour 100g $10.50
Australian Bushfire Caravan Blend of the best medium grown teas in the Atherton tablelands 100g $10.00
Blackcurrant Blackcurrant flavoured tea 100g $9.00
Blood Orange Black tea with blood orange blossoms and peel out of stock 100g $9.50
Caramel Black tea with caramel bits, very smooth, great with milk. 100g $9.00
Ceylon Orange Pekoe From the best high grown districts. Very refreshing 100g $9.00
Christmas Tea Black Tea with lemon peel, cinnamon, aniseed and rose petals 100g $9.50
Darjeeling Highly aromatic black tea from the Himalayas 100g $11.50
Decaffeinated Caffeine free black tea 100g $11.90
Earl Grey Bergamot flavoured black tea 100g $9.50
Earl Grey Blue Flower Black tea blend with blue mallow and cornflower blossoms 100g $9.50
English Breakfast Blend of the finest large leaf Ceylon, Darjeeling and Assam tea 100g $9.50
English Rose Black Tea with rosebuds, marigolds, rose petals and corn flowers 100g $9.90
French Earl Grey Tea Exotic fruit salad of aromatic delights, blended with China black tea 100g $9.90
Ginger Black tea with ginger bits 100g $9.00
Golden Yunnan Superb quality Tippy leaf tea grown in the Yunnan Province 100g $9.50
Irish Breakfast Good full strength tea with good body and flavour 100g $9.00
Keeman Black One of the most popular black teas in the world 100g $10.50
Lapsang Souchong Smokey Chinese black tea 100g $9.50
Lemon Myrtle Australian black tea with lemon myrtle 100g $8.50
Lotus – OUT OF STOCK Flavoured black tea with orange blossoms, jasmine blossoms and rose petals 100g $11.90
Mexican Mango chilli Exotic Black tea with cactus blossoms, amaranth, mango bits, pomegranate blossoms & chilli pods 100g $9.50
Peach Peach tasting black tea with peach bits 100g $9.90
Prince of Wales A blended black tea of China keeman 100g $9.90
Quince Black tea with Blue cornflowers 100g $9.90
Raspberry Flavoured black tea with raspberry leaf and bits 100g $9.00
Rose Grey Subtle earl grey taste with vanilla and rose petals 100g $9.50
Russian Caravan China keeman black tea with mild and sweet taste 100g $9.00
Scottish Full strength flavoured tea 100g $9.50
Stockholm Blend Black tea with orange peel, calendula blossoms, rose petals, vanilla pieces, apricot and safflowers 100g $9.90
Strawberry Cream Flavoured black tea with strawberry leaves and bits 100g $9.00
Vanilla Flavoured black tea with vanilla bits. 100g $9.90
Yorkshire Superfine black leaf broken Orange Pekoe from Sri Lanka, India and Africa. Strong flavour 100g $9.90